hi, I'm Mint! I like video games, mostly Nintendo though. I read a lot of manga and sometimes anime! I'd like to make new friends so dming me is alright :)
I'm busy with school most of the time, but I play my switch a lot on the weekends and occasionally on weekdays.

manga / anime :
one piece (not into it as much as before, but I was an avid reader and watcher)monogatari seriesmob psycho 100houseki no kuni fmabthe promised neverland horimiyalove is warjjbaa lot of others
video games :
splatoon 2xenoblade chronicles (currently playing torna)legend of zeldaokami / okamidenpokemon (mystery dungeon games and mostly gen 4 and 5, I've played all gens except gen 7 for various reasons)animal crossingfire emblem super smash bros. (I'm horrible at it)stardew valleynier
etc. :
jojiadventure timeshe-rathe office the dragon prince

I'm a girl who likes nintendo a lot, since I basically grew up with it. I'm open to people dming me, but sometimes I might take a while to respond. I nap a lot (and for a long time), so if I take a while to respond it's most likely because I'm asleep. I'd like friends to play games with, such as splatoon 2 and animal crossing/pokemon switch in the near future! I'd also like friends to talk with in general. I tend to rant about my personal life sometimes, so if i say anything that makes you uncomfortable, please let me know; I like to believe that communication is a key factor in friendships. I'm also somewhat awkward at times, so I apologize in advance :((
But, I hope that I'll be able to make some friends here!

if you'd like to add me on switch/3ds, message me so I know who you are if you'd like to add me, otherwise I might not add you since i only add people I know.
I have a discord, but I'm not very active there. I usually only use it for voice chat when I'm playing games or other circumstances.

feh : 8393837276
ac pocket camp : 3842 8624 248

here are some of my favorite characters from my interests!

(left, top to bottom)
takumi (fire emblem)shinobu (monogatari series)kaine (nier RepliCant/Gestalt)
(right, top to bottom)
inigo (fire emblem)phos (houseki no kuni)hachikuji (monogatari series)