hello! i'm esther!

none of these are required reads but if u wanna know more abt me u can read them

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+ esther/est
+ 18
+ infp
+ sagittarius
+ december 4
+ music playlists
+ i have a gf named tasha and i love them with all of my FAT heart (01.03.18)

    until we meet

    + i normally follow back if we have common interests
    + i make nsfw jokes a lot
    + most of my tweets aren’t serious even if they seem like they are that’s just my humor
    + i don't normally tag things but if you need me to tag smth lmk (also i don’t need anything tagged for me)
    + i prefer softblocking so i don’t accidentally interact with you after you break the mutual but if you just want to unfollow that’s cool

    + you are under 15
    + you are over 25
    + you fall under the basic dfi criteria

    + nisioisin
    + monogatari
    + osomatsu-san
    + idolm@ster
    + bandori
    + dragon maid
    + danganronpa
    + lots of other stuff

    i love hachikuji very much!!! monogatari is my favorite series and i will love hachikuji until the day i die

    i love kanna with all my heart!!! i'm currently building an itabag of her and i love her

    kaede means the world to me!!! i will be her producer forever

    not to be cursed but i love my little fatass ichimatsu i would kill for him

    LASTLY i love bakugou and his dumbass i will defend every one of his terrible actions until the day i die

    + lowkey favs

    favorite anime:
    + monogatari

    favorite manga:
    + yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo
    + boku no hero academia
    + amanchu

    + snapchat: estherokay
    + discord: esther#8101
    + dm for imessage/number

    i love making new friends!!! so please hit me up on whatever or just dm me on twit and let’s be best friends!!! :+)

    other favorite characters:
    (in no particular order)
    + dekomori (chuunibyou)
    + shiro (deadman wonderland)
    + gamon (occultic;nine)
    + maika (blend s)
    + mochizou (tamako market)
    + hide (tokyo ghoul)
    + canti (flcl)
    + komaeda (danganronpa)
    + ciel (black butler)
    + kurosaki (yamajo)
    + kotori (love live)
    + shimakaze (kancolle)
    + yohane (love live)
    + staz (blood lad)
    + tomoyo (cardcaptor sakura)
    + haruhiro (hai to gensou no grimgar)
    + kaito (ajin)
    + yuuta (chuunibyou)
    + hanamaru (love live)
    + miyamura (yamajo)
    + leonardo (kekkai sensen)
    + mio (nichijou)

    i forget to update this so there’s a good chance i’m missing a bunch of characters i love

    idolm@ster stuff:

    best girl:
    + kaede takagaki

    honorable mentions:
    + koume shirasaka
    + ranko kanzaki
    + nono morikubo
    + i love all cool idols

    friend id:
    + 579618725

    + cinpro account

    + fav songs
    + love songs
    + chill songs
    + sad music
    + songs that remind me of summer
    + playlist for robots
    + jmusic playlist

    + apple music account

    bandori stuff

    best girl:
    + tsurumaki kokoro

    friend id:
    + 1489733

    + bandori party

    weeb things:
    + fav characters
    + fav anime/manga
    + bandori stuff
    + idolmaster stuff
    + myanimelist
    + myfigurecollection

    my good friends:
    + sarah
    + tori
    + liam
    + eli
    + erin
    + kayla
    + nono
    + ci
    + bella
    + kyla